Reliable Subrogation Recovery Services

Recover damages from responsible parties with the help of Walker Group, P.C. Based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, our firm offers subrogation recovery services throughout Pennsylvania,  Delaware, New York and New Jersey.
Hands Holding Bills - Subrogation Services

How It Works

Insurance carriers generally reserve the right of subrogation in the event of a loss. This means that the company may choose to take action to recover the amount of a claim paid to a policyholder if the loss was caused by a third party. These claims are typically filed after an insurance company has already compensated its insured, and then they subrogate the rights to recover losses from the party legally responsible for the damages.

The firm works on behalf of insurance companies and self-insured clients to pursue and resolve subrogation claims and disputes efficiently and to maximize recovery in several kinds of cases, including those involving:

Automobile Property Loss
Uninsured Motorist
Construction Defects
Property Loss
Worker's Compensation
Commercial Liability
Product Liability
Casualty Loss

Working with Insurance Companies

Walker Group, P.C.  founder is a former  partner of an eminent national and industry leading Subrogation Law Firm for 25+ years.

In this capacity, the subrogation attorneys of Walker Group, P.C. work with national, regional, and local insurance companies that have underwritten policies anywhere in these states, as well as with  self-insured clients, third-party administrators and independent adjustment companies.

Working efficiently, our subrogation attorneys seek in each case to provide clients with the best service while maximizing recoveries. Our firm also manages receipt of payments from judgment debtors and remits collected monies to clients. In addition, as a courtesy to clients, we endeavor to recover deductibles for your insured at no extra fee.

Insight, Action, & Results

Most subrogation cases are settled quickly or resolved through negotiation, but our firm is also experienced in trying subrogation cases that result in jury verdicts favoring the firm's clients. Put the knowledgeable and effective subrogation attorneys of Walker Group, P.C., to work and maximize your company's subrogation recoveries.

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